To My Friends, Colleagues and All ~ I Need Your Help

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Hi Everyone, 

I appreciate you making the time to be here.

 First and foremost, It is my hope that you and yours are healthy and facing the current personal and professional challenges in our lives with grace and balance. 

I’m going through a tough period in my Life.  I have never been ‘in-need’ to this extent, ever.  To be in this situation, for me, is surreal.  To take this step is humbling.  I’ve never done anything like this before.  It seems foreign and weird not to reach out to all of you independently, but this requires a fluid and efficient process.  And yea, it’s embarrassing and humiliating, but probably good for the soul.

A little history:  Many of you know, that I have been living in Valencia, Spain.  I came here and fell in love with the country on a visit to see friends and rediscover my heritage in 2014 (I was born in Germany and have family on my Mother’s side in Genoa, Italy).  In 2015 I returned to Spain to start work on my company MobileMediaOne and our product, ‘Uniko’ and also formed a second company, mm1TechnologyFund.  (You can click on the titles to visit my other websites:  mm1Technologyfund | Uniko)

With the pandemic and running out of cash, I have been forced to suspend my business activities.  After losing my apartment in Valencia at the end of February, I have been living in a Hostel.  Now I am faced with not being able to afford this as well as living expenses.

I need your financial support to live and hold it all together until this pandemic is over and I can get my life back on track.  My goal is to stay in Spain or return to Vancouver or the US – whichever turns out to be most affordable and realistic.

Please think of your donation not as charity but as a life line and investment in the future of my companies and me.

Love and Aloha,


E:  p dawson at mobile media one dot com

P:  five zero three nine two eight five five three three


Please Make A Minimum Donation of $25, If Possible

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