Building Disruptive Technologies Through Innovation

Our Mobile Advertising Delivery Platform

The Challenge

Our flagship project is a new proprietary Mobile Ad Delivery Platform that we developed for the benefit of consumers.


Roughly half of the almost $60 billion spent by SMBs on advertising in 2017 went to digital marketing.

Existing mobile advertising options available do not address the specificities of location, relevance, and efficiencies of scale; resulting in limited, and often, cost prohibitive advertising options.

Currently, mobile users have very little control over what advertising appears on their devices.  Recourse technologies leveraged by consumers to address the problem, have a negative impact on both advertising and business interests.  

Meeting The Challenge

'Project X'

With our new proprietary Mobile Advertising Delivery Platform, ‘Project X’ is tackling an increasingly disputed, complex, and challenging mobile advertising model.  ‘Project X’ is a consumer-facing, elegant and clever mobile app that redefines how mobile advertising is culled and delivered.

Combining niche marketing product data and real-time data, ‘Project X’ optimizes customer acquisition, and continuously improves customer engagement.

The Future

Where We're Going

MobileMediaOne is a diversified and ambitious company.  Currently, we have several  project  and collaborative opportunities in development.

Our focus is to create disruptive application solutions that leverage technology capacity and uses.  To enhance how we live and teach us how to use technology more intelligently and efficiently.